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Hervé HUBERT produced more than 7,000 TV shows, among which:

  • « MASK SINGER » A prime time entertainement on air on tf1 since 2019

  • « AUCTION QUEENS » Aired daily on m6 in access prime time

  • « MY WIFE RULES » the first cooking competition in couple, on air on France 2 every day at 5 pm

  • « JOKER » (adapted from the format JOKER) hosted by Olivier Minne every day at 6 :15 pm on France 2

  • « Auction Queens » hosted by Cristina Cordula, every day on M6 a 5:40 pm

  • « Shopping Queens » hosted by Cristina Cordula every day on M6 a 5:40 pm

  • « Make-up Queens » hosted by Magali Bertin on 6play

  • « Shopping Kings » hosted by Cristina Cordula

  • « Le Juste Prix » (adapted from “ The Price is right ”), hosted by Vincent Lagaf’ assisted by Gérard Vives, on air since 2009 in coproduction with FremantleMedia

  • « Mot de Passe » (adapted from “ Million dollar Password ”), hosted by Patrick Sabatier, on air since 2009 in coproduction with FremantleMedia

  • « La Roue de la fortune » (adapted from “ Wheel of fortune ” ) hosted by Christophe Dechavanne assisted by Victoria Silvstedt

  • « 1 contre 100 » (adapted from “ 1 VS 100 ”) hosted by Benjamin Castaldi

  • « Crésus » (adapted from “ Eredita ”) hosted by Vincent Lagaf’ assisted by Crésus

  • « A prendre ou à laisser » (adapted from “ Deal or no deal ” hosted by Arthur

  • « Zone Rouge » (adapted from “ The Chair ”) hosted by Jean-Pierre Foucault

  • « Attention à la marche » (creation – “ Watch the step ”) hosted by Jean-Luc Reichmann

  • « Le Bigdil » (adapted from “ Let’s Make a deal ”) which received “ 7 d’Or ” of best game show, hosted by Vincent Lagaf’, assisted by Bill and the Gafettes

  • « Drôle de jeu » (creation) hosted by Vincent Lagaf'


Anthony Meunier founded the TV production company VIVA LA VIDA, which is coowned by Hervé Hubert. VIVA LA VIDA has launched the real estate gameshow DREAM HOUSES, a french creation who has been aired by RTL-TVI in Belgium, and commissioned by TF1 in France. The format is distributed worldwide by GLOBAL AGENCY. It is currently already optioned in several territories, among which the UK, USA and Spain.



Xavier Debatty runs the Belgium TV production company NEVER ENDING STORY that he coowns with Hervé Hubert. NEVER ENDING STORY produces among other the daily access prime time gameshow SEPTANTE ET UN, but also GOGGLE BOX, MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT, and magazines such as IMAGES A L’APPUI or ENQUETES.


Guillaume MAURICE

Guillaume Maurice founded in 2018 the TV production company COVER FILMS, specialized in magazines, documentaries and docu-fictions. COVER FILMS is coowned by Guillaume Maurice and Hervé Hubert and produces content for all major broadcasters in France (TF1, FRANCE TELEVISIONS, M6…).


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