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  • Broadcaster : M6
  • Broadcasted : Daily show (5:30 pm)

Selling and buying second hand items from luxury fashion brands is THE new big trend !

Auction Queens brings it to TV.

12 women who are non-professional buyers come with their savings to buy at auction second hand items from famous brands such as bags, dresses, shoes or accessories.

Each item is scrutinized by our experts to give viewers information about its history… but also to estimate its value on the second-hand market.

Before the auction, the buyers can check the items and even try them on, under the expert eyes of our host, Cristina Cordula.

Will the auction go over the estimation of the expert?

Will the seller agree to let her item go for the last bid ?

In each daily episode, the same non-professional buyers come back for 5 new items with a lot of fashion advices from our host.

Catégorie : HERVE HUBERT