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  • Type : Daily make-up competition
  • Distributor : GLOBAL AGENCY

BEAUTY EXPRESS is the first daily make-up competition
Every week, 5 new contestants compete to realize the perfect make-up for a specific theme imposed by the beauty expert hosting the show.

In each daily episode, we follow one of the 5 contestants who begins by 30 minutes of shopping, with a budget of 300 dollars and a list of minimum material to buy advised by our expert.

Once the shopping is done, the contestant of the day will go home and have 30 minutes to realize her make up all by herself and she will also have to do her nail and hair in accordance with the theme.
Anytime, the other contestants can comment everything !

Our expert is watching too, to point out all their mistakes !
She will also give lots of tips to the viewers in terms of trends and techniques.
At the end of the 30 minutes, each contestant is graded by the 4 others girls, and at the end of the week, our expert will also grade each contestant !

The woman with the best total score wins a cash prize of 1,000 $ !

Catégorie : HERVE HUBERT