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  • Type : Gameshow
  • Broadcaster : RTL TVI
  • Broadcasting : Monday to Friday at 5 :30 pm

DREAM HOUSES is the first game show where you have to guess the price of incredible luxury homes to win money.

In each daily episode, two ordinary couples compete and visit a new property to price.

They spend a dream day in a house to enjoy all its amenities, but also to measure and scrutinize everything.

Thanks to their interactive companion, they also discover several funny gadgets in each episode. They have to guess the price of each item in order to win clues. Each clue reveals a smaller price range for the property to estimate.

At the end of the day, each couple must give their estimation.

This estimation is crucial because the couple with the estimation closest to the correct price of the house adds 1,000€ to their pot and comes back in the next episode to estimate a new dream house and win more money !


Catégorie : VIVA LA VIDA