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  • Original Format : JOKER
  • Broadcaster : France 2
  • Host : Olivier MINNE
  • Broadcasting : Every day in access prime time at 6 :15 pm

JOKER is the new interactive quiz show of France 2, in which the viewers can play with their tablet or their smartphone thanks to a free play along application.

In JOKER, the contestant cannot leave the game before the 10th and last question !
To help him anwer before the end of the timer, the contestant has 7 Jokers. Every Joker allows him to get rid of a wrong answer.

For each correct answer, he climbs one level in the money tree until he reaches the 7th level : 50,000 €.

Once he is at the top of the money tree, he has to stay there until the 10th and last question ! Because the contestant will only win the prize reached after the 10th question !

For the first time in a quiz show, wrong answers are not eliminatory. But for each wrong answer, the contestant loses 3 jokers… And when he has no joker left, he falls 3 levels in the money tree !

Yet nothing is done until the 10th question since the contestant can always climb the money tree again thanks to the remaining questions !

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