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  • Type : Daily or weekly competition

THE PERFECT WARDROBE is the first Fashion competition where the contestants are not judged by professional experts or by their competitors, but by a POPULAR JURY of REAL PEOPLE coming from very different backgrounds.

They are the voice of all viewers to judge the contestants !

To watch and comment everything, our POPULAR JURY is confortably settled in the sofa of one of their homes.

In each episode, they discover the dressing room of 3 new contestants eager to prove that they have THE PERFECT WARDROBE to be trendy for any occasion !

In the first round, each contestant presents her favorite items from her wardrobe, and a look that they love for a FREE THEME.

Each judge from our POPULAR JURY gives his opinion, before giving points to the contestant for her FREE THEME look.

Then the 3 contestants go to the second round to present a look for an IMPOSED THEME, for example : « FEMININE FOR A FIRST DATE ».

They have to prove to our POPULAR JURY that their wardrobe is perfect to be trendy for any occasion  !

The contestant with best total score after the 2 rounds wins a cash prize of 1,000 € !

THE PERFECT WARDROBE is a very cost effective show about style with a lot of fashion ideas and tips from the contestants, but also very funny comments from the same returning jury of ordinary people that viewers will love watching every day !

Catégorie : HERVE HUBERT